Cleaners Job Openings in Canada

Cleaners Job Openings in Canada – Calgary Catholic School District

Did you know the Calgary Catholic school district employs about 6000 people? They foster collaboration and excellence throughout their business through their dynamic staff, great environment and culture, and varied learning community. However, their personnel makes a positive difference in the lives of children and coworkers via their work and daily interactions. This article talks about the cleaners needed in Canada at Calgary Catholic School.

Every employee’s professionalism in their kids, making their district one of the best performers in the province. Further, there is a place for your unique skills, abilities, and experience within their community if you are willing to assist shape and alter the future. For all qualifying employees, the Calgary Catholic school district provides a safe and compassionate work environment, as well as extended leave, benefit, and pension plans.

Working at Calgary Catholic School

In Catholic Education, they have a rich tradition and a 150-year history of excellence. CCSD has been an extraordinary organization with exceptional individuals since its start. Their motto, “Living and Learning in our Catholic Faith,” motivates our entire community to be concerned about the students’ and families’ physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. Regardless of their position, our staff is enthusiastic, devoted, empathetic, and friendly to Catholic and non-Catholic persons who wish to offer their abilities and talents to our community. Lastly, they cherish Catholic education excellence; join their team to make a difference in their students’ lives by empowering them through their purpose of Living and Learning in their Catholic Faith.

Overall Requirements

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According to the Occupational Health and Safety Act and the District’s Occupational Health and Safety regulations and procedures, the Cleaner is responsible for all general cleaning duties as shared by a Head Caretaker or Assistant Head Caretaker.

Particular Responsibilities

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Under the supervision of a Head Caretaker, Assistant Head Caretaker, or Caretaker, cleaners should:

  • Sweep and mop floors, empty waste, vacuum carpet areas, wash the furniture, clean glass, wash walls, and general dust. Also, do other heavy cleaning/custodial activities such as floor care, snow removal, and grounds upkeep.
  • Transport equipment and supplies in a safe manner.
  • Assist with mechanical and heating system maintenance and operation.
  • Also, coordinate on-site school facility operations for public use leases.
  • Lastly, perform general security checks and secures the school or worksite.


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  • Class 5 Alberta Driver’s License with a valid high school diploma.
  • Vehicle in excellent functioning order.

Other abilities

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  • You must demonstrate communication skills in both oral and written English.
  • Complete a physical demands analysis successfully.
  • Also, you must be self-motivated and capable of working with little supervision.
  • The ability to lift to 50 pounds is required.
  • On occasion, must operate safely on ladders reaching heights of 6 to 10 feet or greater.
  • Lastly, essential computer programs are a must-have.


#in Cleaners Needed in Canada

Cleaners in Canada earn about $34,000 – $48,000 a year.

The chosen candidate must be available to work both the day and afternoon shifts (7 am to 4 pm) (3.30 pm-midnight).

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