Working Abroad: 6 Countries That Are Great for Freelancers

Conceived in Bermuda, Lené Hypolite has lived in Venezuela, Canada, the U.S., Amsterdam, and is before long made a beeline for Singapore and Tokyo. She cherishes the energy of expat life, and furthermore how it’s profiting her vocation. On the Postcard Academy digital recording, we talk around six nations where it’s somewhat simpler visa-wise to live abroad, and how to look for some kind of employment there.


When Lené visited a companion in Amsterdam, she realized she needed to move there. “I needed to have the option to make an amazing most… however I likewise needed to keep on advancing in my vocation. I needed a decent way of life regarding a higher salary and I needed to have the option to bear to go around Europe and I realized that the Netherlands would have the option to offer that to me,” says Lené, who established Take Flight, a migration training and expert organization to help other people seek after their fantasies about moving to another country.

There are additionally extraordinary tax reductions for expats. “You can get fundamentally 30% of your personal tax-exempt, which is incredible in light of the fact that the expenses are truly elevated here.”

Notwithstanding being a cool city, Amsterdam is likewise shockingly differing. “Being not from the Caribbean yet from a Caribbean-affected island, I needed some place I could see myself and my way of life spoke to. What’s more, the Netherlands has a huge Caribbean culture here, too.”


“Spain is an extremely incredible spot on the grounds that the climate is astounding,” Lené says. “It’s very chill… individuals truly appreciate drinking wine on the sea shore, going for decent meals, having extraordinary discussions.”

Spain is perfect for resigned individuals or area free business visionaries. At the end of the day, they don’t need you taking Spanish employments, yet they will allow you to remain on the off chance that you can demonstrate you can bolster yourself. While she adores the nation, Lené alerts that “in the event that you are a non-white individual, you can encounter a few degrees of separation, more so than in different regions of Europe.” Also, on the off chance that you do get all day work here, pay rates are low.

“It’s not as sorted out as the Netherlands. Nonetheless, they do have some drawn out residency visas where in case you’re working on the web, you can simply get that visa to live there and afterward proceed with your online business all around… There’s another home program/business person law that Spain has and it really encourages the development of individuals to enter and stay in Spain, for financial specialists, business visionaries, and profoundly qualified experts… scientists and things like that.


In the event that you need to live in a modest spot that is consistently excellent, Bali is incredible for computerized Nomads, Lené says.

Necessities to live in Bali aren’t tough, the wifi is incredible, and the average cost for basic items is too low. For around $1,500 to $2,500 every month, you can live serenely and stand to go all through Asia.

“They accomplish have work licenses. Albeit, far more terrible than Spain’s, the activity advertise doesn’t generally pay that well, and they haven’t generally internationalized their corporate space. So a great deal of expats living in Bali are business visionaries.”


Singapore is an extraordinary spot to propel your profession by means of global experience. You’ll discover numerous worldwide organizations, so on the off chance that you aren’t keen on outsourcing, this could be a decent spot to score a progressively perpetual gig.

Lené suggests looking at LinkedIn, Indeed, and Monster for openings for work, however ensure you’re looking through the Singapore-form of these locales. Internations is another incredible asset for expats in each nation.

“In case you’re the Average Joe and you’re working in money or the executives, banking, perhaps, or land or any of these sort of employments, Singapore is an incredible alternative… It’s so worldwide and there’s a great deal of expats there, so a ton of the work that you’re doing will be for worldwide organizations. You’ll be working with individuals of comparable foundations, which makes it simpler, and afterward you can take that experience back home.”

What’s more, on the off chance that you get recruited by one of these worldwide organizations, they will sift through your visa circumstance for you.


“There’s a great deal of American organizations based there. You can work in protection, the board, the travel industry… it’s very simple to get a work license in the nation and you can likewise rake in boatloads of cash,” Lené says. What a great shock!

“It’s a great spot for a vocation… You don’t need to be scientific genius. You can have a wide range of abilities. You can be a bookkeeper, for instance. We have Deloitte, PWC, KPMG, and there’s a great deal of American insurance agencies and mutual funds.”

In addition, the climate is extraordinary and in the event that you are a specialist with American-based customers, you’re in a similar time region as them and are a simple flight away. Blast.


Lené says most ladies she knows would be keen on living in Paris. It’s lovely and via train you have simple access to the French Riviera, Amsterdam, Brussels, London. North America is a short flight away.

You can attempt to get an organization to support your visa (difficult), and they additionally have something many refer to as a drawn out residency visa for business people.

“You have to apply in your nation of living arrangement,” Lené says, “through your neighborhood department. They will give you a visa to enter the nation, and inside a quarter of a year of you entering the nation, at that point you have to enroll your business. You have to give some documentation and afterward you will be given the residency license to live, and have your own business, in the nation.”