Best Choice Of Architecture School

How To Prepare And Make Best Choice Of Architecture School

Just because a school has a top-ranked architecture major does not automatically mean that’s the best choice of Architecture school for you.

To ensure you’re applying to the best choice of architecture schools for you, have you asked your self the following questions if you want to major in architecture?

1: Does the School have the Program You’re Interested In?
There are various kinds of architecture degrees, and your first step when researching a school should be how to be sure they have the degree program you’re interested in.

If you want to choose a Bachelor of Architecture in order to work as an architect right after undergrad, then choosing a school that only offers a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture wouldn’t be the best choice for you, though the program might look interesting.

2: Does The School Objective or Specialty Complement Yours?
Your exact interests may not exactly match with the school you wish to attend, but it can make your studies more interesting and give you better opportunities to accomplish what you want to learn.

Some architecture programs offer specialties in areas that include sustainable design, urban design, or classical architecture which might also have more internship opportunities or alumni in certain cities.

3: What Hands-On Opportunities Do They Offer?
Architecture schools with a high rating offer hands-on learning opportunities for students’ practical approach to what architects do. Ensure those opportunities a school offers match with what you want to do.

Some schools expose students to a big city experience; some have international programs, while some require a 1-year internship to graduate. Think about making the best choice of an Architecture school that offers what exactly interests you as your best options.

4: How Do You Like the Rest of the School?
Being an architecture major doesn’t mean you should attend the architecture program in a rush, so it’s good to compare various architecture schools.

How do their dorms compare? What clubs and organizations do the school offer? Are there interesting things to do off campus? You might want to take a tour of the school to get a better idea of whether the school is right for you.

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Best Choice Of Architecture School

Prerequisites And Requirements For Best Choice Of Architecture School

Have a simple knowledge of the requirements including details about degree programs and prerequisites to be sure you’re in the right direction for your dream career.

A specialized degree and a license will be required to be an Architect. Common program curricula include design portfolios, computer classes, and research projects. Architecture schools want to know your high school background, including relevant coursework, grades, and standardized tests.

Prerequisites for Architecture School

Prepare for architecture school from high school. Applicants should have a good mathematical background in algebra, trigonometry, and calculus. High school students may also consider taking courses in physics, design, and drafting to have familiarity with core concepts and practices.

Architecture schools give admissions based on grades and completed coursework. B.Arch. programs select students with high school performance in core courses such as English, laboratory science and mathematics.

Students’ undergraduate record in architectural and mathematics courses will be reviewed for M.Arch. programs. Additionally, complete standardized tests may be programs requirement for students. B.Arch. applicants typically submit either SAT or ACT scores, while prospective M.Arch. students provide GRE or GMAT scores.

Some schools may also mandate that applicants submit a design portfolio during the application process. You can find cheap Universities in Canada.

Educational Requirements for a B.Arch. Degree

Most aspiring architects enroll in a 5-year professional B.Arch. program that’s been approved by the National Architectural Accrediting Board.

These programs offer courses in architectural theory, construction technology, and building structures. Topics in visual arts, architectural history, and art theory also may be covered. Most students take computer-aided design and drafting courses to help them create 3-D structures and models.

B.Arch. programs require students to participate in a design studio, which allows them to showcase the skills they’ve learned in producing building sketches and models.

These programs also may require students to complete an individual design or research project related to architecture. Students may choose to focus on an area such as sustainable design or energy efficiency.

Educational Requirements for an M.Arch. Degree

College graduates who have earned a bachelor’s degree in another field, like architectural studies or construction management, may consider enrolling in a 2-to-3 year professional M.Arch. program to become a licensed architect.

Current professionals who’ve earned a B.Arch. degree can enroll in a 1-year M.Arch. program to specialize in a specific field of study, such as sustainable design.

Like B.Arch. offerings, M.Arch. programs feature courses in freehand drafting, architectural design, and construction law. These programs may also require the completion of a design studio and research project.

I wish you the best in your anticipations of becoming a world-class architect. Thank you!

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