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So, you are interested in attending one of the best Architecture School in Canada? Here’s what you should consider when choosing a program.

This path begins with earning a professional degree. At one end, a high school student may enter a professional program; then at another end, a 4-year college graduate reaches a mid-career decision of becoming an architect and can enroll in a three-year professional graduate program.

University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia is located in Vancouver. The School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture currently offers robust graduate programs in architecture and an undergraduate program in environmental design.

QS World University Rankings in 2019 has placed the School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture (SALA) as the number 1 university for architecture in Canada.

Also, the World University Rankings system rated the University of British Columbia as the 37th best school in the world. In 2018-2019, students who are Canadian citizens paid $5,603.76 Canadian dollars for the graduate program’s first year.

The University would begin its direct-entry program in September 2020 for programs such as Bachelor of Design in Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Urbanism.

Also, the university offers six graduate programs in architecture and one dual degree which encompasses topics that range from the Master of Architecture to Master of Engineering Leadership in Highly equipped buildings.

The UBC School of Architecture offers a highly demanding 3-year graduate architecture program. Offers students the benefit of participating in co-op programs where they can work at top local and international architecture firms in the course their studies and be compensated for their work and can help offset the cost of attending school.

The university offers doctoral research related to architecture offered through other disciplines taught at the university. Students who are holders of undergraduate pre-professional degrees in a field associated with architecture and environmental design can be selected for advanced placement into the graduate program.

University of Toronto

The University of Toronto has its location in Toronto, Ontario, and offers both undergraduate and graduate programs in architecture at the John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design.

World University Rankings in 2019 rated the University of Toronto as the top 21st university worldwide. The school has a long reputation for its strong teaching and liberal-arts approach for degree programs.

Courses offered at the Faculty include a Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies as well as eight master’s programs associated with architecture. Graduate programs offered include the Master of Architecture, Master of Urban Design, Master of Landscape Architecture, among others.

The graduate professional programs cover seven terms and highly demanding. For the 2018-2019 school year, students who are Canadian citizens and holders of Permanent Residence paid first-year charges of $6,780 Canadian dollars for the undergraduate program, while Non-domestic students paid $12,670 for graduate architecture programs.

The architecture program at the University of Toronto puts keen attention on architecture, urban design, and landscape architecture, using the greater Toronto region as a platform for students and faculty to advance in the field.

Students draw inspiration from the cosmopolitan nature of the city for their designs, including a network of design and architecture professionals who work in the city.

McGill University

McGill University is based in Montreal. According to 2019 QS Global World Ranking, It ranks number 35 among Canada’s most prestigious universities which attracts thousands of international students from over 150 countries every year and has the highest percentage of Ph.D. students of any Canadian research university.

McGill University has its reputation through its 50 research centers and institutes, 400+ programs, rich history and a thriving alumni network of 250,000 people in several corners of the world.

Graduates are highly sought after by employers, with the percentages of graduates in education or employment two years after graduation which includes:

  • 81% of art graduates
  • 95% of engineering graduates
  • 91% of medicine graduates
  • 84% of science graduates
  • 92% of all Ph.D. respondents

Montreal is also rated first in the QS Best Student Cities 2017, a ranking of the most student-friendly cities around the world. The city is safe, affordable, and infused with art and different cultures. A large fraction of its 3.5 million residents are engaged in higher education.

Rental costs in the city of Montreal are significantly lower than other major university cities, while many international institutes, pharmaceutical firms, financial companies, and aeronautical firms are located here, which means there are ample employment opportunities for students.

Find out more information on our article about the advantages of a Canada study permit regardless! If you are an international student who is preparing to study in the best choice Architecture School, you are strongly advised to apply for any scholarships you may be eligible for, including any one of these six international fellowships.

Maclean’s ranking for top Canadian medical-doctoral university rates McGill University as #1 for 13 years in a row! For more inquiries, please contact

University Of Calgary

University Of Calgary School of Architecture, Planning, and Landscape offers a highly motivating learning environment that will accelerate your professional education.

This includes work-integrated learning opportunities, with a unique block week elective program, exciting study-abroad studio options, extensive digital fabrication facilities, and a visiting experts-in-residence program where students get the chance to work with leading practitioners and academics from around the world.

In a quite broad analysis, you will find the University of Calgary as the best Architecture School to study because of the following qualities which include:

Entrepreneurialism: Based in Canada’s most enterprising city, UC educates students to use the power of entrepreneurial design thinking to advance disruptive strategies and social innovations that make the world more resilient, equitable, vibrant, and healthy.

Experiential Learning: Design studios with community and industry involvement, and design-build initiatives so that students can build real, impactful solutions while making a strong portfolio.

Design through Making: Workshop and digital fabrication labs that foster a hands-on culture of makers and doers, and allow students to put theory into practice and prepare them for the future of the practice.

Student Life: Students enjoy the benefits of small class sizes, advanced facilities, a supportive learning culture, and a vibrant student association that organizes social events and industry mixers every year.

Global Expertise: UC’s visiting expert-in-residence program attracts world-leading practitioners and academics to the School to lecture and works with students.

Facilities: coupled with a four-storey building on campus, the City Building Design Lab magnets students and researchers into the heart of downtown.

Block Week Program: UC program of one-week intensive electives courses allows students to develop their education to their professional goals. These courses strengthen the student’s knowledge base.

Study Abroad: The study abroad program gives you the opportunity to live and study in a different cultural context such as Spain, Japan, Switzerland, and Mexico.

Community Connect: Most of the courses directly involves engagement with professional partners, and local industry, the City of Calgary, neighborhood groups, including the public.

I believe this article will strongly initiate you into selecting the best Architecture school that fits your career goal. I wish you the best in your pursuit.

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