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Things To Know Before Traveling To Australia For Work

There are essential things to know before traveling to Australia for work apart from deciding which cities to visit and which sights you want to see ahead of your trip to Australia.

Prior to booking a flight, it’s best to do some research and ensure you know what you’ve got to face. Here are some important things to know before traveling to Australia.

What Must I Know Before Traveling To Australia?

1. Identify a place you plan on traveling to for work.

There are many work options in Australia, but you should begin your adventure where you want to be. Consider what your area of choice will cost you as well as the opportunities. Big cities like Sydney and Melbourne are popular tourist destinations with different cultures, but you may prefer the city of Brisbane for its intimacy. You could grab the advantage to live in a rural.

  • Keep your travel targets in mind. Cities with a central location like Brisbane offers you an opportunity to take day trips across the eastern coast of Australia.
  • If you don’t worry about where you end up, you could start looking for work immediately. However, it’s usually easier to base your work around your trip targets.

2. Find a place to reside in Australia.

Start hunting for housing after you know where you would want to go during your trip. Compare various housing options by noting which places provide furniture so you don’t have to buy once you arrive. You can search for rentals via online listings and social media. Another tip is to find a job that offers to house or arrange to stay in someone’s home like through

  • Basic room rental costs between $95 to $110 USD per week, so you may likely have to share a place with roommates.
  • Rents are paid weekly in Australia. Landlords prefer arranging payment through a direct deposit from your bank account every 2 weeks.
  • Bear in mind that you may stay at a temporary place like a hostel on your arrival. Finding a regular place to rent can be daisy and its better when you’re in the country.

3. Buy Insurance before you leave for your trip.

Get a reliable health and travel insurance policy against any issues that may arise during your trip. Health insurance will cover expenses from medical treatment, while travel insurance will cover you and your property. Negotiate with insurance agents around you to arrange for these policies.

You can still get medical treatment but will be responsible for the costs if you don’t have insurance.
Some countries already have a reciprocal health care agreement with Australia that will cover some types of treatment. The UK, Italy, and New Zealand are among the few of those countries.

4. Get an Australian phone number after you arrive.

You should bring an unlocked phone and purchasing a SIM card then insert the SIM card into your phone to connect to one of Australia’s telephone networks. You should stop at a phone shop or shopping center for one. Then, buy additional airtime either online or through phone cards to get your service running.

  • Come with your passport or another valid picture ID. It will most likely be required to make a purchase.
  • A phone number may be required to open a bank account. It will be useful for following up on a job and rental opportunities.
  • Another tip is to buy a phone with an installed SIM card, though it can be more expensive.

5. Open a bank account after traveling to Australia.

You will need an Australian bank account to obtain payment and pay bills. You will be required to use your passport, visa, and any other form of ID at a local bank. After filling out an application, confirm your account information with the ID. Some banks that are traveler-friendly include ANZ, Commonwealth, and Westpac.

  • After filling the application process online, you need to personally go to the bank to confirm your information. However, the process may take longer than expected, so open an account as soon as possible.

6. Apply for a tax file number (TFN) with the government.

Every employer you work will request for your tax number. After you are employed, you have at most 28 days to submit it. It would be better if you get it done soon after you arrive by filling out an application on the Australian Taxation Office’s (ATO) website. You will find it via

  • You will require to use your passport and visa to conclude the application after traveling to Australia before you can complete the form.
  • If you don’t get a TFN, you will be charged extra in taxes. The ATO is strict, so avoid getting in trouble by trying to work without a TFN.

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