Finding Work In Australia

Straight-forward Tips To Finding Work In Australia

Before you go about finding work in Australia, it’s important to have an accurate visa that will allow you to work. Not all visas will actually give you the right to work in Australia, and some may have conditions attached.

We are contacted every year by international candidates and students who plan on moving to Australia for the purpose of finding work. And why wouldn’t they? It’s an amazing place to live and work in.

What Must I Do About Finding Work In Australia?

Make sure you observe the following tips when you plan on finding work in Australia:

1. Travel during the summer to find vast job opportunities. The summer period in Australia runs between December to February, so vast opportunities come up in August and September. A lot of these jobs are connected with serving tourists.

Finding work in Australia can be a competitive process, therefore applying during this period can make the process a lot easier. However, you can still find work if you plan on visiting at a different time of the year.

Most people on working holidays usually find work in the agriculture and industries, because it’s commonly the busiest months. They can be harder to access after the crowds reduce.

2. Search and apply for jobs online or visit places in person. Most of the employers in Australia hire through online listings. Identify company websites, job listing websites such as,, etc. as well as message boards for opportunities.

For service jobs, like restaurants and retail shops, visit in person to demonstrate your social skills. If you need help, see how you can register with temporary agencies or a working holiday travel program.

You have to spend extra cash to sign up for a travel program, as they will help arrange housing, register for taxes and also get you set up when you arrive.

Prepare a quality CV to submit when applying for jobs. Ensure to keep some copies for any jobs you apply to in person.

3. Find temporary jobs to Speed up getting hired. Industries with huge turnover rates are more accessible to travelers. Agriculture jobs are common in rural areas, including fruit picking. Fishing,  mining, and construction are also options. Look for jobs in retail shops, bars, restaurants, and hotels if you are the type who does not like manual labor.

The Australian Visa rules permit you to only work for an employer for 6 months. That’s why most places hesitate to hire persons on a working holiday. See Australian Visa Information for your Travel Options.

If you wish to apply for a second-year work visa, look for work in agriculture, construction, fishing, or mining. You will be required to spend 88 days doing this kind of work and show payslips or other evidence when you reapply for the visa.

4. Find unusual opportunities for work using your Skills advantage. Even though most people on a working holiday Visa end up in particular roles, target anything out of the ordinary. You could find various kinds of work like driving, childcare, teaching, or other roles.

Having experience in certain job roles could make you have better chances of getting hired to do it in Australia. For instance, if you’re skilled in technology, you can find IT jobs. If you have sales experience, you can find sales or fundraising jobs.

If you intend on staying long-term, you have more chances of getting hired for more traditional roles like office work.

5. Stay for 6 months at a job before changing jobs. Working holiday visa rules will force you to look for alternatives if you plan on staying in the country. You may not really stay for 6 months at any job, but the regular paycheck will cover your expenses.

Don’t forget the holiday part of your trip. You should move on when you’re ready to see something new. For instance, most backpackers work for a couple of days and then move on to the next location.

Another option that may help is to spend half your trip on the west coast, then half on the east coast.

Plan your work schedule so you can enjoy your time to appreciate all that Australia has to offer in terms of finding work in Australia. Therefore find out now how to Apply for Australia Visitor Visa.

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