Trump International Hotels Shuttle Driver

Trump International Hotels Shuttle Driver Jobs In Miami, FL

Trump International Hotels is currently seeking to hire individuals for the role of Shuttle Driver so as to transports guests, members, and visitors within Trump Hotel resort.

The ideal candidates must be passionate to perform their responsibilities with the highest service in order to ensure optimal guest satisfaction. Just make sure to know how to know you’re eligible to immigrate to the US.

Trump International Hotels Shuttle Driver Duties

In Trump International Hotels, the ideal individuals needed to be a Shuttle Driver is expected to be competent to:

  • Be able to comprehend the complete knowledge of and follow all departmental policies or service procedures and standards.
  • Comprehensively maintain full knowledge of how the hotel operates.
  • Familiarize with all hotel services and features as well as local attractions and activities so as to accurately respond to guest inquiries.
  • Comply with all of the Trump Hotel Collection Service basics.
  • Must be capable of sitting down throughout the entire shift.
  • Should have the physical strength to lift up to 40 lbs.
  • Smart ability to anticipate the needs of guests, make a fast response and acknowledge all guests
  • Maintain a positive relationship with the guests at all times.
  • Resolve guest complaints when required so as to ensure guest satisfaction.
  • Observe and maintain healthy cleanliness, sanitation, and organization of work areas and vehicles you are assigned to.
  • Ensure to attend Shift Lines ups.
  • At suitable times, inspect the vehicle for damage including document required repairs.
  • Inspect the assigned vehicle for best operating condition and correct any deficiencies such as tire pressure, oil/fuel/water levels.
  • Inspect the vehicle inside and out for optimal cleanliness as well as correct any deficiencies.
  • Make sure to report vehicle maintenance needs to the Manager on Duty.

How To Apply

You can find similar Shuttle Driver jobs among other relevant job search information in nearby countries to the US and be sure to see how to immigrate to the US. by a job offer.

Trump International Hotels is committed to equal opportunity employment and keen to provide a working environment that accommodates and values diversity and inclusion.

If you are ambitious to advance into a culture that will challenge and excite you and achieve the above job responsibility then we would love if you will register your interest for future positions in our company.

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