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Eligibility Requirements For Canada Study Permit

Knowing the eligibility requirements of who can apply for Canada study permit is the first foremost one must understand so as to save money and time.

You can have eligibility for Canada study permit if you enroll in one of the designated learning institution (DLI) and can demonstrate strong financial backup to pay for your tuition fees, living expenses for yourself and members of the family you plan to come with you to Canada as well as the return ticket for yourself and members of family that come with you to Canada.

Your pledge to obey the law of the Canadian government is important while you should have no criminal record and get a police certificate where you are required to do so. You must be in good health and present a medical exam where you are required to so and even be able to assure to an officer that you will return to your country after your the expiration of your study permit.

Your Responsibilities As A Study Permit Holder

While you will be studying in Canada you must make a progressive effort towards finishing your program and be ready to follow all the conditions listed on your study permit. You must accept to stop studying if you find out you no longer meet the requirements and leave Canada after the expiration of your permit.

There may be conditions attached to your study permit depending on your case, which includes your permit to work in Canada, your permit to travel within Canada, as well as the end of your study duration.

People Who Don’t Have Eligibility For Canada Study Permit

Though the majority of foreign nationals require to have a study permit in order to study in Canada there are yet exceptional cases for people not to have the eligibility for Canada study permit.

  1. Short-term studies of 6 months or less:

You will be able to study at any Canadian school without a study permit if your program duration is for 6months or less. Your study is not a long program duration therefore, you are expected to have finished your study as approved, 6months after you enter Canada.

If your program requires you taking prerequisite courses, you should apply for a study permit, even if the course duration is 6 months. Else, you may suffer a delay in starting your full study program if the processing time for your study permit takes longer time.

2. Family or staff of foreign representatives:

You may not have eligibility for Canada study permit if you’re a family or staff member of a foreign representative to Canada who has been accredited by Global Affairs Canada (GAC). Your embassy will be able to communicate with GAC to know if you would a study permit.

3. Members of foreign armed forces:

You wouldn’t have eligibility for Canada study permit in the case that you’re a member of a foreign armed force on official duty in Canada. However, if you come with any of your family members, including minor children, who want to harness the advantages of a Canada study permit regardless! they may need one.

4. Registered Indians in Canada:

You would not need to apply for a study permit if you have a Registered Indian status in Canada, even though you are another country’s national.

5. Minor children in Canada:

Minor children will not have eligibility for Canada study permit in the case that they’re in kindergarten; If the minor children are refugees or refugee claimants or have parents who are refugees or refugee claimants; If the minor children are in Pre-school, primary or secondary school, and in Canada with a parent who bears a work or study permit

Children below the age of 18 are taken as minor. When they reach 18 or 19 years of age, they must have to apply for a study permit if they don’t want their study stopped based on their province or territory.

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