Nanny Babysitter At Victoria

Earn $950 Weekly: Nanny And Babysitter At Victoria

You can grab the opportunity to work as we need a Nanny and Babysitter at Victoria and earn $950 per week as you work Monday to Sunday from 7 am to 12 pm. You will be required to start the job immediately as you care for 2 children. The ages of children range between 12 months to 12+ years.

With reference to the required skill and certifications of Nanny and Babysitter at Victoria, First Aid Certification may not be required, Driver’s license may not be required, and owning a vehicle may not be required

We are a family that has the need to hire a nanny – babysitter at Victoria who will be available to work Monday to Friday at exactly 7 am to 12 pm, and Saturday 7 am to 5 pm, and Sunday 7 am to 1 pm.

We love you to care for two children who are aged 8 months and 21 months, both in a strict routine. Though you will not be alone with both of the children at the same time since one of the parents will be home most of the time. You just need to be acting as an “extra pair of hands”.

The Procedure of Recruitment and Salary

Please send through an expression of interest with your resume showing references. It will be carefully considered and the dates for trials will be communicated to you. Those days will be paid. I will ensure to train you including the person who will replace you.

Until that person leaves, you will start the job with 20/hour. The moment you start working on your own about 3 weeks from the day you begin training, you will be earning:

  • $22x5hoursx5days (Monday-Friday) = $550
  • and $25x16hours (Saturday-Sunday)= $400

The sum of your salary will be $950. Your pay may probably increase during the course of employment based on your reliability and passionate commitment for our children.

Overall Situation

The 21 months old toddler usually has an activity every morning except the weekend so he just needs to be dressed and give him breakfast from 7 am and then care for the baby while the toddler is gone to his activity.

The 8 months old baby usually eat solids at 8 am and sucks a bottle at 9 am. She usually sleeps for 30 min in the pram for her morning nap before having another course of solids at 11 am before going back to sleep at 12 pm.

Requirements For Nanny – Babysitter

Ability to start at exactly 7 am each day compulsorily. Thus be sure to live close-by and understand this is demanding. Be safe and always punctual. Your ability to fluently speak french to the children is preferred. You should possess a proven education background. Be very organized, neat and keep a tidy environment.

Be capable to work with a team and able to adhere to clear instructions and strict routine. Ability to kindly stimulate the baby and toddler with entertainment. Be mature in character, understand all the clear limits set to the children and maintain consistency with them.

Duties Of Nanny – Babysitter At Victoria

  • Feed the toddler and baby at breakfast though not at the same time since they are both on a different routine.
  • Dress up the toddler.
  • At the appropriate timing give the bottle to the baby, and ensure to clean the bottle once finished.
  • Put the baby back to sleep in the pram or her bed after her meal
  • Kindly stimulate them by entertainment or take them to the park.

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Kind regards.

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