Vehicle Service Attendant

Vehicle Service Attendant Jobs With The Hertz Corporation

Hertz is well recognized for our solid reputation worldwide. We are proud to be known as the largest car rental company. We are seeking to hire the service of Vehicle Service Attendant to join our team.

At Hertz, we are sure that service excellence is dependent on our employees. We recognize that you are a special person and comprehend that you value benefits and rewards that provide job flexibility, choice, and control.

The benefits you stand to enjoy while working at Hertz can include health benefits such as dental, medical, vision, tuition reimbursement, online learning and development, retirement plan, employee discounts, and a lot more!

You are welcome to join the winning team at a company which has a worldwide reputation that speaks for itself…

Your Responsibilities As a Vehicle Service Attendant (VSA)…

  • You are going to be responsible for vehicle preparation so as to ensure the vehicle is ready to be picked up by a customer.
  • Drive and park vehicles accurately on-lot as required
  • Observe vehicle for damage and expected to ensure vehicle features are operational.
  • Check vehicle status to ascertain if it is rentable or non-rentable
  • Ensure the interior of the vehicle is clean such as windows, door jams, trunk, vacuum, etc
  • Ensure to fill gasoline tank and check to fill the levels of all fluids
  • Clean the exterior of the vehicle such as debug and wash
  • Ensure to meet processing and standardization quotas.
  • Perform relevant duties as directed by the managers.
  • Capable of working outdoors in all types of weather conditions.

Mandatory Requirements

Educational background required of Vehicle Service Attendant will be Secondary School Diploma or GED

Detailing experience will be preferred for Professional Experience

The typical skills required of a Vehicle Service Attendant should include:

  • Being in possession of a valid driver’s license including an excellent driving record
  • The ability to drive multiple types of vehicles
  • You must be able to demonstrate effective verbal communication skills with customers, co-workers as well as management.

Additional Notes:

  • The ideal Vehicle Service Attendant is expected to be able to carry out additional duties and responsibilities as assigned by the management due to operational needs.
  • You should be able to work through days, nights, weekends as well as during holidays.
  • The ideal candidate must have reached at least 20 years of age to be eligible to work with Hertz
  • You must be capable of working outside year-round.

Vehicle Service Attendant Job ID 177197 for \# Positions _3_

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Position Type of the role needed is either Regular or Full Time and work in RAC Division

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