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How To Get Permanent Residency While Studying In Canada?

Often times, questions erupt such as; Can I get PR while studying in Canada? As an international student in Canada, how can I apply to become a permanent residency? Let us now take a look at some of the requirements and pathways for international students who intend to get Canadian Permanent Residency.

Canada is a wonderful place for you to progress on work, study and live in. Hence most of the foreign students who are already studying in Canada on a study permit are desiring to
permanently settle in Canada, in view of the enormous infrastructure facilities, access to a quality life, high rate of job opportunities, cultural diversities, quality standard of living and many more advantages.

But, you will not be able to apply for PR until after your graduation, as there are now various programs put in place, by which you can apply for Canadian Permanent Residency. You, however, require to acquire the work permit first for you to be able to stay in Canada. You will be able to apply for the work permit under the Post-Graduate Work Permit Program (PGWPP) after completing your graduation.

The PGWPP program is created to allow graduates from Canadian Post Secondary institutions to be able to obtain practical Canadian Work Experience. The Canadian Experience Class visa category will be able to support graduates towards meeting the requirements for the PR in Canada on their success of acquiring the long-sought for Canadian skilled work experience through the PGWPP program.

Please you are to also note that:

  • A work permit given via the PGWPP program can only be issued for the time span of the applicant’s study program, up to at most three (3) years.
  • A work permit given via PGWPP cannot be eligible for more than the applicant’s study program, and the study program needs to be at least for eight (8)months in duration.
  • Aside from the mentioned Post Graduation Work Permit, you will be expected to fulfill the required criteria (please, refer to the CIC website for detailed information).

A Little About Canadian Experience Class Category For PR In Canada?

A foreign student who has is a recent graduate from a Canadian educational institution is more likely to have the required qualities of becoming a permanent residency holder of Canada from the temporary one.

It is assumed that the student will be aware of Canadian Communities and society and thus, will be able to immensely contribute to advancing the economy of Canada. But, he or she must, first of all, be proficient in English or French language and posses the qualifying work experience too.

Basic Eligibility Criteria For Canadian Experience Class

You will be in need of the following;

  • Acquiring experience in Canada with the correct authorization,
  • Meeting the language proficiency levels that will be essential for your job profile for every language ability (reading, writing, speaking, and listening)
  • At least 1 year of full-time (or part-time) skilled work experience inside any of the Canada provinces in the three (3) years before to your application,
  • To stay outside the Quebec province.

Acquiring Detailed Information Regarding Study Permit & Permanent Residency For Canada?

Aside from the above mentioned general procedures and instructions, there are various aspects and internal things, which may require a clear understanding before you should be applying for the Visa under a particular category.

Misplaced or incomplete application documents or information may be leading you to unwanted rejection. In such an event, you will be in need of help and assistance from a reliable
Agent or Visa Consultancy Services to speed up the complex immigration procedure and visa categories.

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